Peer review report

Peer review service provides authors with a thorough and critical review of the content of the paper, just like a journal peer review. The review addresses (at least) the following issues: do study aims logically follow from background information, are aims stated clearly, do aims and methods concur, is the study design valid, are statistical analysis up to date and adequate, are results well presented, are results interpreted correctly (no overinterpretations, no oversights), are conclusions supported by results (no overstatements), are all important issues covered in discussion, is the flow of arguments logical, does the abstract present the main results, is the title appropriate for the paper. The review report also comments on originality and impact of the paper. The review can subsequently be discussed by email. 

One free additional round

Peer review service offers one free additional round of re-review after revisions are made by the author. 

Review field

Jacqueline Witteman's specific area's of expertise are the Health Sciences and Clinical Medicine. 


Peer review service works with clients at all levels (senior, post-doc, PhD or MSc student). The service focuses on the national and international scientific community.

Post journal peer review

Service is also offered for manuscripts after journal peer review (point to point response, revised manuscript). This service needs to be discussed separately and is not automatically part of the full package of peer review service (although the service may occasionally be included).

Journal formatting

Peer review service will not edit a paper for meeting journal format requirements.

Turnaround time

Turnaround time for the first review round is 5 days and at request could be 2, 3, or 4 days.


Prices are affordable and depend on the requested service, starting at 140 Euro for MSc and PhD students. 


Jacqueline Witteman has no ties with universities or journals and peer review reports are therefore completely independent. The service has a strict confidentiality policy.