Having an outsider's look at the content of your paper is unmistakably important as even the most careful scientists may overlook errors in their own work. It is common for authors to use feedback from journal peer review to improve their paper. Journal peer review today, however, is an overburdened system being slow and often poorly performed. Independent peer review is a new concept in the publication process. It is piloted in several forms but most companies partner with journals. Independent Peer Review Service believes that the only unbiased system provides peer review reports for author's internal use only (though you may like to notify the journal that the paper has been subjected to external peer review). Like open access, independent peer review is a fee-based system, requiring a fee from the author (or author's research grant or institution). Independent Peer Review Service may eventually lower the costs of the (incredibly expensive) scientific publication system by unburdening journal peer review through improved quality of submissions and a reduced number of repetitive review rounds at serial journals.