Independent Peer Review Service sets out to help researchers improve their scientific manuscript before submission to a journal. The service provides authors with a thorough and critical paper review quite comparable to a journal peer review. But it does more. An author's paper will merit from constructive comments from an expert who is exclusively skilled to evaluate study methods and is fully dedicated to do just that. Peer review service is distinctive from other newcomers in this novel business because peer reviews are performed by an expert with an award winning, top-level publishing and reviewing record.

Independent Peer Review Service provides a review report to be used by authors to improve paper quality and decide on target journal fit. The service includes editing tips to increase clarity and structure, checks for errors, inconsistencies and unsupported claims, and offers one free additional review round after improvements are made by the author. The whole process is online based and extremely easy to conduct. A fast turnaround time of 2, 3, 4 or 5 days ensures that authors can make revisions before moving on to a next project. The price is affordable and depends on the requested service, starting at 140 Euro for MSc and PhD students. The fee can be seen as publication costs (and may as such be paid from research grants).

Jacqueline Witteman has no ties with universities or journals and peer review reports are therefore completely independent. The service has a strict confidentiality policy.