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    Peer Review Service provides researchers with a fast way to get critical input on their journal paper
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Welcome to Independent Peer Review and Medical Editing Service by Jacqueline Witteman, PhD

Top-level reviewer


Jacqueline Witteman was top-listed by Thomson Reuters in 2015 as a highly-cited researcher. In 2013, she received an honor from an eminent medical journal for outstanding peer review work. She now is a full-time expert reviewer using her research and writing skills to offer independent peer review services.

Peer Review and Medical Editing Service


The online based service offers independent peer review (and free scientific editing) to help researchers improve their manuscript before submission to a journal. The service is distinctive because reviews are performed by one expert with a top-level publishing and reviewing record.



Full package deal


Peer review service provides you with a peer review report, a report on target journal fit and scientific editing comments.There is one free round after revisions are made by the author. The turnaround time is 5 days.Because the service is starting, it has a fixed low price of 500 € for the full package.




Independent peer review is a new concept in the scientific publication process 

Four reasons for getting an independent peer review


1. A fresh pair of eyes on your paper will add value beyond the merits of internal review.

2. Getting an outsider's review fast enables revision to be part of the first round of writing.

3. An author-guided process allows for choosing a highly-qualified reviewer for your paper.

4. Revisions are made prior to submission increasing your chances for publication.

Awarded for number of highly-cited publications and outstanding peer review services


We know who our best reviewers are and you are one of them”


In 2013, Jacqueline Witteman received an honor from the Annals of Internal Medicine, ranking fourth among general medicine journals, for outstanding peer-review services.

In september 2015, Jacqueline Witteman was listed by Thomson Reuters as one of about 3000 most highly cited researchers in the world (in field clinical medicine as well as in field molecular biology & genetics).

In 2012, Jacqueline Witteman was the highest ranking female scientist of the Netherlands based on number of publications in top of research field (Centre for Science and Technology Studies, Leiden University, NL).

Jacqueline Witteman co-authored 600+ international peer-reviewed publications.

There is no such thing as a free peer review

Big deals or small deals


Researchers may think of peer review as a free service but in fact it is part of an extremely expensive publication system: big companies annually making the big deals with libraries (the open access movement started because of this). Of the three functions of journal peer review, so called designation, filtration and validation, the latter is not intrinsically attached to the journal. External review to check and improve a paper is extremely important, but need not per se be organised by journals and should be the responsibility of authors. A fee-based system of independent peer review can be part of this.